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  • Maison Manoï

  • Quality tableware and porcelain

  • Maison Manoï

  • SAS Manoï

  • 20 Rue Raze

  • Bordeaux  (33000 - FRANCE)

  •  +33 (0) 756 803 688


Table services with hand-painted decorations


"Each collection has been drawn by hand by our Artist-Painter and the decorations are then made according to two ancestral knows-how"

"Pure and delicate tableware, made on high quality porcelain respecting ancestral know-how.

"Five timeless collections designed by the poetic soul of a painter."

"Maison Manoï, more than dishes, moments to share"

Laurène Desjardins

"Each collection has been designed beforehand by our artist-painter, the decorations are then made using two ancestral techniques."

"A pure and delicate tableware made with respect for ancestral know-how and decorated by the poetic soul of an artist-painter"

"Maison Manoï, more than dishes, moments to share"

Laurène Desjardins

Tables set in the heart of nature, in the heart of a vineyard,

In the middle of a plain, on top of a mountain,

Or on a beach in front the sea...

On the beach - South of Corsica Island

From two people to several dozens, our tailor-made offer sur-mesure ranges from the table setting to the choice of the chef's menu.

Our collection " The birds " on this table covered with a Canvas of Jouy.

In the Valromey Countryside

A romantic lunch, enjoyed in the heart of Bugey, 3-course menu served on porcelain plates from our "Heritage" collection.

Dinner on top of a mountain

Table setting in our collection "Lotus", painted freehand under enamel, the brilliance of the plates is beyond measure.

A parenthesis "out of time"

- Imagine yourself at this table to celebrate an exceptional event -

Collection "Hostel" 

An "Out of the ordinary" Chef

"A parenthesis out of time"

"A return to meaning"


A nomadic Chef

Jean-Antoine Ottavi - Specialist in chic picnics in natural settings

An invitation to travel by the Nomadic Chef

Jean-Antoine Ottavi

"It is an invitation to meaning, in order to share a moment combining conviviality, authenticity and pleasure.."

"Each cooking and each dressing is done on the spot, served on the plate."

Each request is unique and personalized

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