Hand painted porcelain dinner plate "Lotus" ⌀ 26 cm

PHand-painted modern porcelain plate "Lotus" ⌀ 26 cm
Plate adorned with gold
Hand-painted porcelain
Coupe shape
One-of-a-kind piece
Gold rim
Diameter 26 cm
Glazed finish
Weight 780 grams
Packaging in Maison Manoï gift box

Our hand-painted modern porcelain plate is a true artisanal masterpiece. Each piece is unique thanks to the brush painting technique used by our artisans, which adds a subtle and elegant touch of gold.

The lotus motifs, symbols of purity and harmony in Asia, will bring a zen and sophisticated ambiance to your table. With a diameter of 26 cm, this plate is ideal for serving appetizers, desserts or for completing a matching tableware set.

Although delicate, it can be used for everyday or special occasions.

Please note that to extend its lifespan, we recommend hand washing instead of putting it in the dishwasher or microwave.

The Maison Manoï emblem is affixed to the back of each of our designs as well as the signature of the Artist Painter.

These designs were inspired by the life of my grandmother Manoï, who spent much of her life in Asia. The Lotus flower being a symbol of South Asia. In the history section, the short film illustrates the origin of this collection with a few words from Jean-Paul Bodet.

A great idea for an artisanal gift, hand-painted from the drawings of our Artist-Painter.
An original table object that will enhance your interior.
Hand-painted porcelain plates to enhance your holiday tables.

The underglaze hand-painted decorations provide a slight relief, each piece is unique.
The imperfect grain of the material gives a unique and singular charm to each of our creations.

The packaging is done in Maison Manoï gift boxes which include two plates. The prices are indicated for one plate.

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    The packaging of the plates in the "Freehand painted - Bát Tràng" category is done in gift boxes Maison Manoï.

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    Are you looking for a porcelain plate with modern, hand-painted designs ? 

    Look no further, as the "Lotus" porcelain plate from Maison Manoï is right before your eyes. 

    This modern porcelain plate is hand-painted with designs inspired by the beauty of flowers.

    The creation process of each porcelain plate is a delicate balance between the meticulous work of our painter and the freehand reproduction of artisans. 

    The combination of turquoise and gold on the high-quality white porcelain is beautifully executed to offer a rich and deep result. Subtle accents also add a touch of elegance to each piece.

    Furthermore, the white porcelain used for these plates is resistant to the passage of time. 

    Each porcelain plate is modern and hand-painted and is sold as a set of two pieces in a high-quality Maison Manoï gift box.