Hand painted porcelain dinner plate "The Birds" ⌀ 26 cm

Plate decorated with gilding
hand painted porcelain
Molding-type relief pattern ornaments
Unique piece
Fillet of gold
Diameter 26cm
Enamel finish
Maison Manoï gift box packaging
Weight 900 grams

The decorations of this collection were created from the childhood memories of our Artist-Painter Jean-Paul Bodet. His mother and grandfather were themselves passionate about birds and especially hummingbirds.
The short film in the history section of our site takes pictures of the origin of these decorations.

A great idea for a hand-painted craft gift, these plates will enhance your holiday tables..
A beautiful table object to offer or to treat yourself to.

The underglaze hand-painted decorations provide a slight relief, each piece is unique.
The imperfect grain of the material gives a unique and singular charm to each of our creations.

The Maison Manoï coat of arms is affixed to the back of each of our models as well as the signature of the Painter Artist.

The packaging is done in Maison Manoï gift boxes which include two plates. The price is indicated for one plate.

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59.00 €

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    The packaging of the plates in the "Freehand painted - Bát Tràng" category is done in gift boxes Maison Manoï.

    Are you looking for a pretty hand-painted porcelain plate ?

    A few strokes of hand paint are enough to bring out the charm of this magnificent porcelain plate.
    It has been decorated by hand with a pretty flower pattern.
    This collection of hand-painted tableware is a delight for the eyes and for the taste.
    The shape of the plate was shaped by hand, each piece is unique.
    This plate will delight anyone with an interest in hand painting and pretty tableware.
    Its singular shape and its unique pattern adorned with gilding make it an exceptional creation for a very special gift.
    Hand painting is an ancestral technique from the village of Bat trang where each piece is made with a brush under enamel on high quality porcelain.
    This plate will be delivered by set of 2 pieces in a magnificent Maison Manoï gift box which will offer an additional delicacy to your gift.