Hand-painted porcelain Jar "The Birds" - 0.75 L

SSmall floral vase
Hand-painted porcelain on both sides
Unique piece
Gold leaf embellishments
Height 16 cm
Capacity 0.75 L
Enamel finish
Weight 550 grams
Packaged in its Maison Manoï gift box.

This small hand-painted porcelain vase with the brushstroke design "The Birds" is a unique piece that will add a touch of elegance to your interior. Each vase is handmade by skilled artisans, with a fully hand-painted motif that guarantees a true decorative piece.

The design was created based on childhood memories of our Artist-Painter Jean-Paul Bodet.

The small size of this hand-painted porcelain vase is ideal for dressing up a small shelf, dresser, or side table. With its timeless style, this small hand-painted porcelain vase will certainly make a statement in any room where you place it.

The high-quality porcelain used in the making of this small hand-painted porcelain vase ensures great durability and an elegant finish. Its creation under enamel makes its decoration unalterable.

This small hand-painted porcelain vase is also a perfect handmade gift for any special occasion. It comes in a beautiful Maison Manoï gift box, making it an extra gift for your loved ones.

The motif is inspired by childhood memories of our artist-painter Jean-Paul Bodet, who is passionate about nature and birds. The hand-painted designs under glaze provide a slight relief, with each piece being unique.

A beautiful idea for a handmade gift, this vase will embellish your interior. It is a beautiful table object to give or to treat yourself.

The hand-painted designs under glaze provide a slight relief, with each piece being unique.

The imperfect grain of the material provides a unique and singular charm to each of our creations.

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    Are you looking for a handcrafted porcelain vase with hand-painted design ? 

    This beautiful hand-painted porcelain vase is a stunning example of the artistic talent of the artisans in our small family workshop, who create each of our pieces in a unique and singular way. 

    Freehand painting can be a real challenge, but this floral porcelain vase is a beautiful example of the mastery of this art, ensured by our carefully trained artisans.s. 

    The deep blue and gold embellishments complement the white porcelain, and the fine and delicate details make this vase even more beautiful. This handcrafted and hand-painted vase will be a charming addition to your home and certainly a conversation piece with your guests.

    This porcelain vase from our "Hand-Painted Birds" collection by Maison Manoï comes with a beautiful gift box.

    petit vase en porcelaine peint à la main.