Hand-painted porcelain soup plate "Heritage" ⌀ 23cm

Heritage soup plate in porcelain
hand painted
Scalloped shape
Unique piece
Diameter 23cm
Enamel finish
Weight 0.800 grams

Maison Manoï gift box packaging

The Maison Manoï coat of arms is affixed to the back of each of our models as well as the signature of the Painter Artist.

The decorations made under glaze with a vintage effect, each piece is unique.
The imperfect grain of the material gives a unique and singular charm to each of our creations.

Handmade gift
Gift idea table object
Original hand-painted gift idea
M for Mom, M for Mummy, M for Minnà...

The packaging is done in Maison Manoï gift boxes which include two plates. The price is indicated for one plate.

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57.00 €

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    The packaging of the plates in the "Freehand painted - Bát Tràng" category is done in gift boxes Maison Manoï.

    A porcelain soup plate with scalloped edges to complete your tableware collection ?

    The scalloped soup plate from our hand painted Heritage collection features an elegant style.
    The plate is shaped by hand using deep blue paint.
    This plate with its simple and elegant design will go well with all your tables.
    The color of the plate has a brilliant finish with an unalterable decoration, its pigments are fixed between the porcelain paste and the glaze which sublimates the plate.
    This hand-painted scalloped soup plate is sold in sets of two and is delivered in a magnificent Maison Manoï gift box which represents an additional gesture for you.