Limoges porcelain plate made in France "Limoges Ornaments" ⌀ 22 cm

Limoges porcelain plate made in France
High quality plate for an elegant table!
Fine Limoges porcelain
Chromolithography decoration
Coupe shape
Superior quality and refined aesthetic
Made in France using traditional techniques
Impeccable finish that highlights the natural beauty of porcelain
Timeless design
Suitable for special occasions or daily use
22 cm diameter
355-gram weight
Glazed and translucent finish.

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    The packaging of the plates in the "Freehand painted " category is done in gift boxes Maison Manoï.

    Add a touch of elegance to your table with this French-made Limoges porcelain plate made in France. Limoges porcelain is renowned for its superior quality and refined aesthetic, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or daily use. This plate is made in France using traditional techniques, with an impeccable finish that highlights the natural beauty of porcelain. With its practical size and timeless design, this plate will be a valuable addition to your tableware collection.
    This collection was created from a family coat of arms. A wonderful French artisanal gift made in Limoges on high-quality porcelain.
    Maison Manoï has the IG Limoges certification, which guarantees exclusive French manufacturing in Limoges using ancestral know-how. The prestigious Limoges appellation is affixed to the back of each of our creations.
    The Maison Manoï coat of arms is affixed to the back of each of our models, as well as the Indication Géographique Protégée - Fabrication française Limoges.
    The plates are sold in sets of two pieces. The indicated price is the unit price.

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    Are you looking for a French-made Limoges porcelain plate? Our Limoges porcelain plate from the "Ornaments" collection in white coupe shape is an ideal creation. This immaculate white porcelain plate stands out with its traditional decor inspired by antique family sets. Our "Ornaments" collection in white porcelain is offered in three plate sizes. These plates will be a perfect match for your everyday meals or for a special occasion. The porcelain comes from deposits of Kaolin in France, and the entire manufacturing process is carried out in France. The design of this French-made Limoges porcelain plate is inspired by a coat of arms from a family of the Lyon region, the graphic design took place in France, and the decoration of this French porcelain is done in Limoges on French porcelain under the IG Limoges appellation. This Limoges porcelain plate is sold in sets of two pieces, and packaging is done in eco-friendly cardboard in France.

    assiette en porcelaine de limoges fabrication française