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French production  for our Limoges collections.

Entirely handpainted for our hand painted collection

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First drawings by Jean-Paul Bodet 

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Success crowdfunding and Maison&Objets fair participation 


1st place prestigious Contest " The most stunning table" Maison&Objets with our collection les oiseaux 

Exportation Exportation de nos collections ; Etats-unis, Corée-du-Sud, Japon, Inde.

We start our Offer  "Tailor-made"

A brand of bespoke hand-painted tableware 
Porcelain bespoke service "Hungria"

20 years wedding anniversary 

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A brand of porcelain tableware offering top-of-the-range services. Discover our hand-painted porcelain vases and carafes.

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Preferred materials for luxury tableware

The distinction of luxury tableware lies in the use of noble, long-lasting materials, ensuring impeccable quality and visual beauty. Porcelain, appreciated for its finesse and luminous whiteness, is one of the preferred choices. Stoneware, natural and authentic, seduces with its varied nuances and textures. Glass, the embodiment of brilliance and lightness, enriches every table with a touch of light. As for metal, its noble elegance offers robustness and prestige.

Distinguished by innovative design, luxury tableware embodies contemporary trends and meets the varied expectations of consumers. High-end brands are launching collections that are both original and creative, exploring new shapes, colors, patterns and textures. Between classicism, characterized by floral or geometric designs, and modernism with clean lines and neutral tones, each collection aims for beauty and functionality, for everyday use as well as for special events.

A key element in the art of the table, high-end tableware creates ambiance and enhances culinary presentations. The choice depends on the theme, the menu, the number of guests and personal taste. For family gatherings or get-togethers with friends, opt for colorful, convivial tableware that spreads joy and warmth. In a romantic or festive setting, opt for sophistication, adding class and elegance to your table. Finally, for professional or official gatherings, the selection of sober, elegant tableware will reflect seriousness and good taste.

Key collections that make history

High-end tableware transcends its utilitarian role to become a true work of art, reflecting the talent and creativity of craftsmen and designers. Some collections have become icons of cultural and artistic heritage, arousing the admiration and desire of enthusiasts and collectors alike. Among them, Haviland's Rêve Cosmique collection, with its porcelain adorned with colorful geometric motifs, is an invitation to space travel.

High-end tableware is much more than a simple pleasure object; it carries meaning, conveying values, symbols and emotions. Each collection tells a unique story, expresses a vision of the world, reflects an era or expresses a distinct personality. The fruit of an encounter between know-how, style, inspiration and exacting standards, it mirrors a singular culture, identity and aesthetic. High-end tableware is thus a vehicle for communication, expression and artistic seduction.

Considered an artistic investment, high-end tableware demands attention, care and passion. To collect and preserve them, it's advisable to follow a few basic principles. Select your pieces according to your tastes, needs, budget and available space. Store them in a dry, clean, well-ventilated place, away from light, dust and shock. Clean them with the utmost care, using suitable products and avoiding any scratches. Finally, use your crockery in a balanced way, varying the pieces, mixing or matching them, to get the best out of them while preserving them.

It embodies the art of the table, combining quality, elegance and originality. Derived from unique know-how, driven by innovative design and enriched by artistic inspiration, it represents the mirror of a culture, the expression of an identity and the crystallization of a particular aesthetic. High-end tableware thus becomes a privileged channel of communication and personal expression, capturing with finesse the essence of seduction and impression.

If the idea of introducing or offering high-end tableware appeals to you, we invite you to explore the brands recommended in our article. These brands are the guarantee of prestigious tableware that will bring a touch of magic to your meals and moments of conviviality. You are also invited to browse our online catalog, offering a wide range of choices to suit all tastes and budgets. Don't delay, treat yourself to this exceptional touch for your table and turn every meal into a memorable experience.