Exclusive personalisation on Limoges porcelain 
Discover our unique Limoges porcelain expertise

All our made-to-measure creations are made from French porcelain 
and Porcelaine de Limoges label.

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They speak well of us :
vaisselle sur mesure en pporcelaine française vaisselle sur mesure en pporcelaine françaisevaisselle sur mesure en porcelaine française 

personnalisation de services de table à limoges pour vos évènements

Victoire des arts de la table

Au prestigieux salon 

Maison & Objets de la plus belle table.

I want see the table !

Honour a family with personalised porcelain

Pay homage to your family by owning dishes that you will be the guardians of for future generations.

Personalise your restaurant with Limoges porcelain

Create your personalized tableware to dress the most beautiful plates in your restaurant.

Enhance a wedding with porcelain creations

A wedding can be the most important day of your life with a personnalize porcelain service.

Immortalise an event with Limoges porcelain objects

Whether it be religious, personal or professional, let us help you immortalize the moment with your own tableware creations.


Les gris hétéroclites pour un chef étoilé amateur des assiettes d'antan - Marie Louise

 Des pièces en porcelaine réalisées sur mesure pour vos événements

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Customised Limoges porcelain with monograms

Derived from our Hostel collection, the alphabet has been applied to create custom pieces. 
Protected geographical indication: Limoges porcelain.


Personnalisation assiettes à Limoges
cadeau de mariage en porcelaine personnalisé

Une réalisation royale un plat en porcelaine peint main pour le mariage d'un prince et d'une princesse.

Ce cadeau est digne des plus grands services de table avec une porcelaine de la plus haute qualité et des armoiries de famille peintes à la main.

cadeau de mariage en porcelaine personnalisé

Des finitions artisanales sur de la porcelaine IG Limoges pour des objets uniques.

 Des cadeaux en porcelaine personnalisés uniques pour toutes les occasions

Assiettes en porcelaine décorées à Limoges à partir d'un Monograme

Our personalised plates with their top-of-the-range finishes can be adapted to your inspiration, your desires and your needs. They are decorated in our workshop and we offer this personalisation service from 100 pcs upwards.

Personalised porcelain plates for special events

UA VIP dinner, plates made especially for the occasion to offer guests an unforgettable souvenir. Made from an Empire shape - Geographical indication Limoges porcelain.


personalised plates for a private dinner at château bordelais

Order your personalised creations

It is possible to create your Limoges porcelain service using a hand-painted brush. 
More technical designs can also be created using the chromolithography technique.

What they think of our creations

The excellence and authenticity of our Limoges porcelain

Limoges porcelain, a unique material used in a variety of decorative techniques

Our Limoges porcelain exudes authenticity and infinite delicacy.

"I invite you to discover more about the Made in France part of our personalisation offer:
Made-to-measure tableware in French porcelaine 

Why choose Limoges porcelain rather than imported porcelain?

The finesse, strength and transparency of Limoge porcelain have few equals. 
However, for certain orders with large quantities and a limited budget, it is possible to choose to import porcelain.

Would you like a bespoke plate made in France?

We offer this service and we're here to listen to you throughout the creation process, right up to delivery.

Create a unique porcelain collection entirely Made In France?

You have come to the right place

If you're looking for unique, top-of-the-range creations

We are here to meet all your needs with unique, personalized, and high-quality pieces that are both beautiful and functional. 

They will tell your story!! 

Our craftsman collaborator, who creates the designs of our painters on high quality Limoges porcelain, has his own workshop in Limoges. Each piece is entirely designed and decorated in Limoges in his porcelain house.

We offer this personalisation service from 100 pcs up to several hundred. The technique used depends on the budget and complexity of the decoration to be reproduced on the porcelain plate.