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The beautiful story  of Limoges porcelain 

The discovery of Limoges porcelain
It was in 1765 in Saint-Yrieix to the south-west of Limoges that porcelain was born in France. A deposit of Kaolin was discovered there. It is an incredible story that has revolutionized porcelain in France. At the time, the discovery of this deposit had enabled an entire region to develop a new activity. The story of the discovery of Kaolin in the middle of the 18th century changed the world with the birth of Limoges porcelain.
Where does hand painting on porcelain come from?
Hand painting on porcelain is an ancestral technique recognized worldwide for its reputation in the village of Bat Trang on the other side of the world. A real ancestral know-how that is transmitted between generations of craftsmen. Its execution under glaze provides a depth and brilliance beyond measure to the decor. The color pigments are fixed between the porcelain paste called the biscuit and the glaze of the porcelain piece to obtain an enamel finish.
Hand painting on porcelain diversified over time to arrive in Europe and more precisely in France at the end of the 18th century. Renowned manufacturers such as Bernardaud, Haviland or even Raynaud produce exceptional pieces on translucent porcelain drawn from the Kaolin deposits in Limoges in France.
Later, the famous decorator with contemporary design while revisiting classics of timeless decorative arts Marie Daâge will create colorful collections of unparalleled intensity and precision.

What are the major porcelain houses in Limoges?
The Bernardaud house is the most emblematic porcelain house in the region. Its porcelain and its creations are real references all over the world. The house has the protected IG Limoges appellation.
The Haviland house, ancestral heiress of Limoges porcelain. Haviland's will? Always pushing the limits of creation and developing techniques to complete any project. The house also has the prestigious appellation of protected GI.
La Maison Raynaud, this porcelain factory also has its Limoges porcelain decoration workshop. Her collections are sweet and poetic. It also has the IG Limoges appellation.
Maison Royal Limoges or JL Coquet are also references in porcelain houses in Limoges. They have their own factories, their own decoration workshops and they have the prestigious Limoges IG protected designation.Raynaud réalise des pièces d’exceptions sur de la porcelaine translucide puisée dans les gisements de Kaolin à Limoges en France.