Hand-painted porcelain carafe small "Heritage" - 0.75 L


Small Heritage Carafe
Porcelain hand painted on both sides
Unique piece
Spin Gilding
Height 16cm
Capacity 0.75 L
Enamel finish
Weight 550 grams

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    This small Heritage porcelain carafe is hand-painted on both sides and adorned with a gold filigree. It is a unique piece and has a high-quality glazed finish. The carafe features a chromolithographed monogram "M". Our hand-painted porcelain carafes with the monogram "M" are unique and designed to add sophistication and charm to your table. Made from high-quality porcelain, they are durable and sturdy, while offering a beautiful and elegant aesthetic.

    This small porcelain carafe is perfect for serving water, wine, or other beverages to your guests. It can also be used as a decorative piece for your table or shelf.

    The Maison Manoï coat of arms is placed on the back of each of our creations, as well as the signature of the artist who painted it.
    A beautiful gift idea 

    The underglaze hand-painted decorations provide a slight relief, each piece is unique.
    The imperfect grain of the material gives a unique and singular charm to each of our creations.

    If you are looking for a unique and elegant small porcelain carafe for your home, our selection of hand-painted carafes with the monogram "M" is perfect for you. With their original design and superior quality, these carafes are a charming addition to any table or shelf. Order now and enjoy fast and reliable service.

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    Are you looking for a hand painted porcelain carafe ?

    The world of artisanal porcelain is a matter of love.
    Our "Heritage" collection is an essential example of the art of hand painting on porcelain.
    The decanter painted entirely by hand on artisanal porcelain made under enamel for a rendering
    Each carafe has become a creation in its own right, designed and produced by a talented craftsman.
    Handcrafted porcelain is the noblest of materials for creating exceptional, unique pieces. They will bring a touch of elegance to your decoration.
    The depth of blue, the intensity of this primary color enhanced by freehand painting under enamel on high quality white porcelain.
    Each small leaf that makes up its decoration is applied with a brush on biscuit with meticulous care, the finish of the rendering is unparalleled.
    This carafe, which can also be used as a vase, will be a magnificent attention to thank you.
    The letter M can represent a beautiful thank you message M like Thank you but also an attention M for Mom, the letter M for Grandma...
    This vase is delivered in a magnificent Maison Manoï gift box which will make an additional gift.

    petite carafe en porcelaine peinte à la main